Garden Maintenance & Renovation

Ongoing Care

Maintenance & Renovation


Specialist Maintenance Programmes

Just like you, your garden needs attention and care to thrive. The only problem is our hectic lifestyles often leave us with very little time to think about gardening. The good news is that with Urbanscaping, managing a busy schedule doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your beautiful outside space.

Our professional team offers a full residential maintenance service to small individual blocks, large estates, and individual homes. No matter whether you're caring for a small garden design, or you need to upgrade your collective landscaping services with long-term care, Urbanscaping can keep your garden looking beautiful all year round.

    Whether we helped to implement your unique garden designs, or you need help making sure that your outdoor space looks as stunning as it did on the day you built it, you can trust your garden maintenance tasks to the hands of our capable team.

    With more than 15 years of experience, our fully-trained team can manage everything from simple jobs like weeding, to more complicated matters like water feature servicing and more – either on a regular or once-off basis.

    Just some of the services we offer include:

    • Specialist pruning techniques
    • Lawn care
    • Mulching and weeding
    • Jet washing
    • Planting
    • Artificial lawn care
    • Water feature servicing
    • Landscaping architecture maintenance

    From South West London to Surrey and Weybridge, Urbanscaping has the tools, skills and passion necessary to help your garden flourish. Reach out to find out how we can assist you today! Contact us.

    Garden renovation

    Maybe you found that your unique garden designs weren't fully understood by your previous landscaping company and you need a team who can realise your garden’s potential. Perhaps you're tired of your old style and you're looking for a service that can transform your outdoor space and breathe fresh life into old ideas. Or maybe you just want to freshen things up a bit without spending too much on a complete redesign. Whatever you need, Urbanscaping can help.


    We know the value of growing a garden with character. That's why our skilled team will work tirelessly alongside you to convert your current garden into your ideal garden. From stripping your overgrown trees and shrubs, to designing brand-new landscaping, our experts will nurture your garden design ideas into fruition and deliver results you can be proud of.

    We know that a garden renovation is about more than simply clearing away a few weeds and sprucing up designs. We work to rejuvenate and revive your garden, upgrading it from an unused and unloved space into a place of joy and inspiration.

    Just like a fresh lick of paint on an old home can re-establish a property's charm, our garden renovation services can dig up the imagination and enthusiasm that went into your original garden designs and revive your space.

    Whether it's introducing new furniture and materials, planting new flowers or repairing and cleaning your existing structures, Urbanscaping are here to help. Why not give your garden the new lease of life it deserves? Contact us.



    We all want a singularly stunning garden that acts as the envy of our neighbours and as a sanctuary for our friends and family. Unfortunately, building and maintaining beautiful garden designs can be challenging. Some of the most exquisite plants and flowers are the ones that need careful management to thrive. From wild rose bushes that need taming to graceful Wisteria that can easily tear away from your garden walls by unpredictable weather, a magnificent garden needs immaculate management.

    At Urbanscaping, our professional landscaping team is fully trained to keep your garden flawless. Our precision and accuracy in the art of specialist pruning mean that you can enjoy the perfectly polished garden of your dreams, without having to worry about endless yard work. From tree and shrubbery management to the careful nourishment of various plants, we'll snip and trim your garden to perfection.

    More than just exceptional landscaping services

    As any green-fingered home owner knows, different plants require different levels of care. For instance, Wisteria needs to be fully cleared and pruned between the months of January and February, then clipped in July and August to create spurs, encourage growth, and navigate plants away from tiles and windows.

    Just like you, your unique garden designs need professional, consistent maintenance to stay healthy, and beautiful. Pruning and trimming the right plants, in the right manner and at the right times, can help to improve the strength of your favourite flowers, ensuring striking longevity for the long-term, and less corrective pruning as the plant matures.  

    Pruning is a useful way to improve plant appearance by controlling size and shape. However, it's also a useful solution for removing undesirable elements, waterspouts and branches that might detract from the otherwise pristine nature of your garden landscaping. What's more, specialist pruning can protect people and property alike, by eradicating hazardous dead branches, eliminating weakness in plant structures and keeping your landscaping architecture safe.

    Your trained specialist pruning team

    Here at Urbanscaping, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest-quality landscaping services, from planting to architecture and of course specialist pruning. Our expert team will work with you every step of the way to ensure you enjoy year after year of beauty from your outdoor experience, with the perfect garden oasis.

    Pruning is an art form that boosts the beauty and strength of your plants. At Urbanscaping, we combine friendly advice, years of skill, and a deep understanding of plants, to nurture your garden into a horticultural masterpiece. Contact us.