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Read the latest news, reviews and gardening tips.

Garden Design One Step at a Time

Garden design is a naturally evolving process, there’s a lot to be gained from looking at things area by area.


Planning a garden transformation can be a daunting task, particularly if you lead a busy life. However much you dream of the perfect outside space, realising the dream always ends up being pushed down your list of priorities, put off for another day.

But there’s a lot to be said for breaking the task down into manageable tasks and taking things one step at a time. Garden design is a naturally evolving process after all, there’s a lot to be gained from looking at things area by area.

To help give your garden the extra lift you long for, we've bought together some ideas. Each covers the different jobs that will show you just what’s possible with a little outside assistance.

Basic gardening

There will be many among you that are quite happy with your garden as it is – at least mostly. When you think of beautiful garden designs, those simple tasks like tidying up the lawn, getting the shrubbery cut back, andgetting rid of those nasty weeds, are probably not the first thing you think of.

But it's important to remember that booking in time for simple maintenance tasks like these will make a big difference to how fantastic your garden looks.

New installations

Perhaps the overall structure of your garden works very well for you, and all it needs is sprucing up. Maybe you're tired of constantly mowing your lawn, and want something that requires a little less upkeep.

Have you considered a new installation? New decking or a patio will offer a clean-cut, no nonsense garden look that will look fantastic all year round.

For those attached to the traditional look of a grassy lawn, consider having a smaller area of lawn that will be easier to maintain, and combine it with a patio. Or if you really want a stunning lawn with no hassle at all, then consider Royal Grass - among the highest quality and most realistic artificial grass available.

Planting & lighting

New additions to your garden don’t need to be full-on construction projects. If you want to incorporate some exciting new features into your garden, start with considering plants and garden lighting.

You can easily transform a passable garden into a stunning one. Just a little bit of thought, a sleek colour choice for planting schemes, and the right kind of hue to compliment it all, is all you need to give your garden that extra push it needs to be the real envy of the neighbours.

You'll have to think carefully though – make sure to pick a shade of light that will bring out the best qualities in your flowers during all four seasons.

Unique garden design

Some people see garden design through the lens of 'go big or go home'. A complete garden redesign can yield incredible results if you’re ready to create a bespoke, personalised garden from scratch. But smaller jobs will yield surprisingly impressive results as well.

At Urbanscaping, we know the world is full of a diverse range of beautiful garden designs, each as unique as the people who own them. One person's Garden of Eden could be another's wasteland – and that's why we value the personal touch. Click here to find out more about how we can help.

Or take a look at some of the stunning gardens we've helped to create and maintain across South West London and Surrey.                         

Daniel Wanat