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Garden Design Inspiration for the Autumn Season


Now the final days of August are behind us, it's time to wish summer goodbye for another year and look towards autumn garden design. And though the prospect of shorter days and darker mornings can come with an unwelcome dose of sorrow, there's still plenty to look forward to as our gardens change around us.

To help get you in the mood for autumn, we've put together this great selection of autumnal plants and flowers, the perfect inspiration for your own planting schemes in the cooler months.



Named after the German term 'autumn joy' this voracious plant is the perfect way to keep your garden looking floral well into the autumn.

For those who just can’t accept summer is over, this bright flower is the perfect addition to your garden. Referred to in Latin as Hylotelephium, the Herbstfreude are actually a group of closely related perennial plants that, at full height, can grow to over half a metre tall.

late dutch honeysuckle

Known informally as the 'Late Dutch' honeysuckle, this beautiful little flower is native to the Netherlands, as the name would suggest, and flowers well into October.

Featuring a deeper, more mature colour than Herbstfreude, this particular flower complements the rich reds and yellows of autumn leaves. The Late Dutch is a hardy plant that grows quickly, particular in moist soil.

rudbeckia fulgida

These gorgeous daisy-like flowers are perfect if you're a fan of spring. They showcase a fresh look that blooms right through until October. They provide plenty of colour through the short days, and will nicely contrast against the grey skies and brownish leaves of autumn.

These flowers are native to North America, and generally grow about 120cm tall.


For those of you wishing to add a little charm into your autumn garden design, these native Chinese and Tibetan perennials bloom into beautiful blues and reds through the autumn. For a garden look that truly brings the best out of autumn’s colours, these are perfect.

The leaves on the plants grow to about 5cm in length, and the plant grows well in moist, but well-drained soil.


Whichever arrangement of flowers you decide upon, keeping your garden looking spectacular throughout the autumn and into the winter season can really give your mood a boost.

It may be tempting to give in to the cold forces of nature as we head towards December, but maintaining your garden is one of the best ways not to let the bad weather get you down.

Have a look through our garden designs for more inspiration on creating your own unique outside space.



*All images have been shared from some of our favourite Pinterest accounts. Click on the name of each plant for more inspiration and information.

Daniel Wanat