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Royal Grass: The reigning brand of artificial grass

From homeowners to the Posrche dealership, here in Chiswick, anyone who’s been lucky enough to try our Royal Grass is reaping the benefits. In fact, you could say artificial grass has never been so fashionable. Once poorly constructed and an unsatisfactory substitute for grass, the newest designs from the prestigious Royal Grass offer an unrivalled product – which some say is even better than the real thing itself! Why? Let’s find out…

It’s a premium product

Just like you’d expect from something with royal in its name, the products are durable, hard wearing and look just like the real thing. The grass is also made close to home, in Europe, unlike many other brands of artificial grass – which are made in China.

It’s realistic

We’re not just talking about the overall impression of your lawn either; we’re talking about each individual blade of grass. Created with precision and expertise, using top of the range equipment, Royal Grass is suitable for even royal feet. Lush to look at, soft to stand-on – and you needn’t even worry about mucky feet!

It’s low maintenance

Forget slaving over your lawn or showroom. It’s certainly not what we’d expect from a royal, so why should you have to go to all that extra effort? Royal Grass cares for itself – it never needs cutting or weeding. It never digresses in colour or quality – no matter what your pets might try and do to it. And it bodes well in all weather. Could you get any better?

Kids love it too

Not only is Royal Grass soft and enjoyable to sit and play on, it also dries up quickly after a downpour. This means your little ones can get outdoors and play as soon as possible without you worrying about them slipping or getting muddy. What’s more, the grass isn’t even slippy while wet – so if your child demands on getting out and dancing in the rain they can do so safely.

Want to get a feel of our luxury Royal Grass? Pop into our Chiswick showroom to browse the varieties we have available. You can also get some inspiration from recent Royal Grass projects on our website, where you’ll find images showcasing a wide variety of our grasses. From tall grass, to different shades and a variety of materials, there’s something for everyone, no matter what your landscaping needs. At Urbanscaping, we’ll help you to find the perfect Royal Grass for your garden – guaranteed!

To find out more, or visit us at our showroom, browse our Contact Page.